Please email me any names or other information
pertinent to the Corpsmen of Third Recon Bn.
Thank you. Steve Shircliff/Webmaster

Help us find Corpsmen who served with 3rd Reconnaissance in Vietnam
who we do not currently have on the roster.

Please send any information, even if it's just a fragment you find hard to believe would be useful. If you have a picture, send it along if you can, or let us know if you want to share it and we'll figure out how to do it. Enough pieces, the puzzle starts to come together.

The records of the corpsmen were kept differently from regular Marines, and accounts for the especially difficult task of locating our Recon Corpsmen.

Please email me or post your submission in the Recon Forum / Message Board.

Thank you.



  Submitter: Paul "Doc" Tobin

Date Posted: 4/29/2002 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 3/25/02]

Re: Info requested on HM2 Charles "Doc" Langenfeld, KIA at Khe Sahn

Well, I've been a newcomer as of two weeks ago. Paul "DOC" Tobin HM2. I arrived In-Country just before Battalion moved up to Quang Tri. I was eventually assigned to Alpha Company and ran with "SandBox" Dec. '67-'68 Dec. HM2 Charles "DOC" Langenfeld arrived In-Country the same time. We were in Jungle Warfare School in Panama together prior to our Vietnam assignment. Charlie was to be assigned to Bravo Company at Khe Sanh where he was to become KIA. I don't know anything about his activities up there or who his team members were or what Team he bushed with.

(Note: Anyone having any information on HM2 Charles "Doc" Langenfeld please contact )

Submitter: Gary "'Doc" Baily

Date Posted: 4/29/2002 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 3/16/02]

Re: Doc Shey, Doc Jerry Peterson, Doc Tessman, and Doc Ditterline

Hello, I am Gary Bailey, "Doc Bailey," that was with 3rd Force Recon Co. from 1967 to 1968. I am presently in Muskegon, Michigan. I have just found out about this organization and have sent in my submission form. I have in the recent past talk to Doc Schey, pronounced Shy, and he is Hartford, CT. I plan to call him and see if he would like to join. Also a Jerry Peterson, "Doc Peterson" was attached to Delta Company, that was right next door to Force Co., at Dong Ha. Jerry and I have talked since we both got out of the Navy. He is now a male Nurse that works at Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn. He is married and doing well. If there is any information I can provide for anyone please contact me at I also know that Tessman, the large blond Doc with the gold tooth was dating a nurse in Springfield, Illinois in 1068, and 1969. She was a good friend of my wife's. I heard that he did indeed move back to York, Nebraska. I also know that Ditterline married his sweetheart from Springfield, Illinois and introduced me to my wife at the time. I have not heard from him since, but would like to know his whereabouts today.

Thanks.(Note: Anyone having any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Shey , Doc Peterson, Doc Tessman, and Doc Ditterline, please send email to Shortround )

Submitter: Dave "Doc" Tollefson

Date Posted: 4/29/2002 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 1/11/2002]

Re: HM3 Steve "Doc" Thompson & Dalton Seymore

HM3 Steve "(Doc" Thompson, Dec 67-Mar 68, Team "Box Score"

Dalton Seymore '68, haven't heard from him in a while

The corpsman shot by a .45 was HM2 Kelly.

Dave (Doc) Tollefson

(Note: Anyone having any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Thompson and/or Dalton Seymore, please send email to Shortround )

Submitter: Wallace "Doc" Crawford

Date Posted: 4/29/2002 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 12/18/2001]

Re: Wallace "Doc" Crawford

Dear Sirs: I just happened across your site and wanted to let you know of a corpsman that is not on your list, me.

Name: Wallace Crawford

Nick Names: Wally and to some, Lake

In country service: September 1967 to January 1968 Stationed: 3rd Recon out of Don Ha

Wounded: January 4th, 1968, just south of DMZ. GSW through stomach. Spent 22 days on USS Repose before being medivaced to Da Nang in route to the states.

Submitter: Bill "Doc" Ditterline

Date Posted: 4/29/2002 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 7/5//2001]

Re: Doc Gene Tessman

Gene Tessman met me in Centralia, Illinois after his tour in 67-68. We had gone to A School together, and then hooked up again in Sept. 67 when I joined Force. Gene got engaged in Illinois and disengaged. He was still a wild man, and that gold tooth was a primary aiming point in every fight he ever got into. If you were Tess, that's a lot of fights. He even won one on occasion. I have not heard from him from him since late 1968; he used to talk alot about Australia. Hope this is a little helpful.

Doc Ditterline, 3rd Force.

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Tessman please send email to Shortround)

Submitter: Doc Chris McBee

Date Posted: 6/1/2001 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 5/14/2001]

Re: Doc Frederick "Skip" Henry

Friends, Skip & I were best buds from the moment he got to Delta Co. I think he was assigned to 1Delta1 like me and his hootch was just down the boardwalk next door to mine where I was assigned to Beachboy. He arrived in August of 1969 as I recall and rotated back with us to Oki. I have a color copy picture of him and I at one of the company barbeques I will try to scan and send a file. I think he was from Mount Pleasant in Washington DC but also had some history in Texas I think. He was a good man.

Doc Chris McBee

(Note: Anyone having any information on Doc Henry please contact Shortround )

Submitter: Chris "Doc" Nielsen

Date Posted: 4/29/2002 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 3/18/2001]

Re: Chris 'Doc' Nielsen

I was with 3rd Recon in 1966, Delta Co. , 3rd Platoon, 2nd & 3rd Squads. Danang, An Hoa, Ba Na, Hue Phu Bai.

-Chris 'Doc' Nielsen HM3

Submitter: Mike Eisenbraun

Date Posted:3/3/2001 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 2/4/2001]

Re: David L. "Doc" Eisenbraun

My name is Mike Eisenbraun. My brother, David L. Eisenbraun, was a corpsman who served with 3rd Recon Alpha and was KIA on 17 September 1968. I'd love to hear from anyone who knew him.


Ken, Thanks for responding so quickly. ~ All I know is that my brother was with the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion Alpha. He was killed at "LZ Margo" on September 17, 1968. I would really appreciate anything that could be done to put me in contact with people who knew my brother - and especially people who were with my brother when he died. I didn't even know until recently that he had been awarded a Silver Star - and I still don't know why. I'm going to apply for the citation to find out.

Mike can be reached at

(Note: Anyone having any information on Doc Eisenbraun please contact Shortround )

Submitter: Steve Blakewood

Date Posted:1/28/2001 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer 1/9/2001]

Re: Doc Bonhert, Doc McWaters, & Doc Sutherland

Bonhert, McWaters, Sutherland. I've been on patrol with "Sutt" 1A1. I have a photo but no way to transmit same. Sutt was a HM3 at the time. One hell of a Marine on top of being a Corpsman. The picture I have was taken shortly after arriving from Phu Bai. Recon was on the lines for awhile Western part, 3rd MarRegt North, and Engineers to the South along the perimeter west of the highway . the Autu airstrip was to the east of the highway.

(Note: Doc Bonhert and Doc Sutherland are listed on our corpsman roster, but Doc McWaters is not. Anyone having any information on Doc McWaters please contact Shortround

Submitter: Jim "Doc" Fisher

Date Posted:1/28/2001 [from email to Jim Jones 11/23/2000]

Re: Doc Tom Sutter


I have looked at your "Corpsman" listing and did not see an old friend of mine that I am looking for and am hoping he is one that just didn't make the list yet.

Tom Sutter was a Corpsman attached to a Marine Recon unit in Viet Nam in the 1968 - 1969 era. I last saw Tom near Freedom Hill where he was awaiting evacuation to the U.S. following some serious wounds he had received. Tom was originally from the Akron/Canton area of Ohio. I have sent letters to every Tom Sutter in Ohio that I could find, with no luck. In hope that you might be able to help me locate him, I send this wire. I have looked on the "Wall" to assure he did not die from his wounds, but thankfully he is not listed there. Anything you could do to help me would be appreciated.

Jim (Doc) Fisher HMM-362 Medevac Corpsman 1968 - 1969

(Note: Anyone having any information on Doc Sutter please contact Shortround


Submitter: Bernie

Date Posted:12/22/2000 [from email to"Doc" Sawyer 9/17/2000]

Re: Doc Moody

When I arrived at Delta Co. in Aug of 67 We had a Corpsman Named Doc Moody in 3rd Plt. He was a big guy with red hair. I know he was from Calif. and played football from UCLA. I wish I could tell you more. Hope You can find him.

Semper Fi!! Bernie

(Note: Anyone having any information on Doc Moody please contact Shortround )


Submitter: Dan Tollison, Echo '68

Date Posted:8/26/2000 [from email to"Doc" Sawyer 7/17/2000]

Re: Doc Lohman (or possibly Loman)

During operation Dewey Canyon, in support of the 9th Marines during TET 69, my team (John Brown) had a very fine Corpsman which looked like a Real Marine. His last name was Lohman (possibly Loman) who was a son of a former Marine that served during WWII. Our Doc was from the state of IOWA and a superb wrestler. He was assigned to us in late '68, I believe. At any rate, he was one of five men who was wounded on our last patrol during Dewey Canyon. I've tried in the past searching for rosters of Corpsman in Chicago and in California. Any info would be greatly appreciated...

Dan Tollison

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Lohman (Loman?) , please send email to Shortround )

  Submitter: Richard C. Scott, Delta/Charlie/Force '67-'68

Date Posted:8/26/2000 [from email to"Doc" Sawyer 4/27/2000]

Re: Doc Richard C. Scott

Just found this site. I was a doc with the teams in 67-68. Started in D moved to C @ Khe Sahn for Tet to cover for a doc who was blown up in his bunker along with his whole team. Was extracted from there along with the whole company to Quang Tri for the gathering of all of recond then went to Force till rotation. My name is Richard C. Scott and I live in Mobile Alabamal. If I remember correctly I was incountry July 67- July68. My serial # was B50-99-71. If you need any more info e-mail @ . Thank you for this page.


Submitter: Terry Elbert, Echo '68

Date Posted:8/26/2000 [from email to"Doc" Sawyer 4/25/2000]

Re: Doc David Johnson, Doc Sepulveda, Doc Delgado

Doc David Johnson I believe was from New Jersey and was wounded maybe sometime in 1968 May or June he served with great honor with 3rd platoon 2nd squad "Protractor" in Echo Co. I also remember a Doc Sepulveda and a Doc Delgado, they served with either Delta Co. or Echo Co., the team names were "7UP" and "Albatross" the patrols were many from Quang Tri to the DMZ. At the Qua Viet River on night ambush in the summer of 1968 "7Up" went to the aid of another recon team down river that made contact with the enemy in the middle of the night all six members of that team were shot up pretty bad we were taking a lot of emeny fire plus the enemy was within near hand to hand combat when we approched the team the enemy had surrounded them and didn't realize we were coming to their aid. We killed three that were wrapped with dynamite and grenades and finally reached the team and doc treated all six men plus one of our men for hours before it was safe enough to bring in the Med Evac choppers. To my knowledge nobody lost their life that night, we took down a lot of the enemy and doc saved the lives of all our brothers.

(Note: Anyone having any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Johnson, Doc Sepulveda, and Doc Delgado, please send email to Shortround )


Submitter: Theodore (Doc Ski) Rutkowski, Bravo '68

Date Posted:8/26/2000 [from email to"Doc" Sawyer 4/23/2000]

Re: Doc Bertalardi

I just thought of two more Bravo Co. members. Cary (as in Grant) Borsky, from Chicago. He was only on two patrols, but he got hit on both of them. I was personally glad to see him go. As I was his Corpsman and he was very high maintenance. The other member was a Corpsman named Bertalardi first name and address unknown. Both men served in the summer of 68.

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Bertalardi, please send email to Shortround)


Submitter: Mike Maas, Force '67

Date Posted:8/26/2000 [from email to"Doc" Sawyer 4/15/2000]

Re: Doc Mike Maas

From: Mike Maas

Subject: add me to your docs roster please

Name Mike Maas/ 3d Force 67



(Note: I asked Mike to fill in an application form and he has been accepted and added to the 3rd Recon roster! Great to have you, Mike!)

Submitter: Theodore (Doc Ski) Rutkowski, Bravo '68

Date Posted:8/26/2000 [from email to"Doc" Sawyer 2/18/2000]

Re: Doc Scott, Doc Daniel J. Doyle

Two Corpsman who served with Bravo Co. in 68. Doc Scott (first name forgotten) was from Joplin Mo., he might have been with the Delta Plt. that was with us at Khe Sahn. The second is Daniel J. Doyle AKA. Dufus Doc Doyle from Stanford Con. Doc Scott Rotated In The Late Spring. Doyle went To 3rd Med., with me, On Oct.30 68. I Have Three Boxes Of Slides And Pictures Of Bravo Co. At Khe Sahn. Unfortunitly I Can't Figure Out How To Get This Mother Hunching Scanner,Fax, Copy, Printer Machine To work. When I Do I Will Send The Pix.

Theodore (Doc Ski) Rutkowski. Bravo Co.68

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Scott and/or Doc Doyle, please send email to Shortround)

Submitter: Kent D. Pettit, Charlie '68

Date Posted:8/26/2000 [from email to Jim Jones, 12 Dec 1999]

Re: Doc Neil Landry


The corpsman who was in my squad (3C3) the last part of 1968 was a great guy by the name of Neil Landry. I'm not sure of the spelling. He lived in Florida at the time. I've attached the single picture that I have of him. Hope this might help.

Thanks, Kent Pettit

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Landry, please send email to Shortround)


Submitter: Terry Black, Bravo '67

Date Posted: 1/31/2000 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer, 1/31/00]

Re: Doc Bruce Albert, Doc R.C. Foshee

Two Corpsmen who served with honor assigned to 2nd Plt. B Co., 3rd Recon Btn. during 1966-1967 at Phu Bai, RVN as well as other areas in Viet Nam were:

Bruce Albert

R.C. Foshee

I think Bruce was From Washington State but don't remember Foshe's home state. Bruce was living in Phoenix, AZ several years ago. Sorry I have no other information. These men should be listed as 3rd Recon Corpsmen. They both saw considerable action and were highly respected by all who served with them.

Terry Black

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Albert and Doc Foshee, please send email to Shortround)


Submitter: Eddie DeLezen, Force '67

Date Posted: 1/24/2000 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer, 12/1/99]

Re: Doc Gene Tessman, Doc Bridges


I saw that you are handling the Corpsmen page on the site. I wanted to give some input but didn't want to post it so I decided to send it direct to you.

We had a Corpsman in 3rd Force named Gene Tessman from York, Neb. He went to Bn. in Phu Bai after he left us, did you know him? (He had a gold tooth) He patroled with our team a lot and was a great guy. I would like to see his name added if possible.

Also one of our Corpsmen was killed in the rear at Quang Tri after we moved from Dong Ha to join the rest of the Bn. I had my team north of Qua Viet when it happened but returned soon after. I can't remember his name but it was a shock because all of our corpmen were so well liked. His death was the result of an accident with a .45 pistol. Do you have knowledge of this?

Also, Doc Bridges (my best friend) was KIA but nobody seems to know the details of his death. He had left Recon and gone elsewhere when it happened. His niece was in contact with me and his family knows even less than us. His body was never recovered, the chopper is said to have crashed in North Vietnam, what was Doc doing up there? Is there a way to get the details?

Hope that this info is of help with the roster you are putting together.



(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Tessman or any information on Doc Bridges' death, please send email to Shortround)

Submitter: Dennis Soldner, Charlie '68

Date Posted: 1/24/2000 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer, 12/2/99]

Re:Doc Larry Alley, Doc L.B. Blume


The attached pictures are of the Corpsmen of Team 1C2.

#1 (Doc Alley) is Doc Larry Alley in October of 1968 at Quang Tri the team call sign Cpl. Pete at time. [editor's note: Doc Alley is on the roster]

#2 (Doc Blume) is Doc L.B. Blume in February 1969 at Vandergrift during Operation Dewey Canyon, the call sign at time was Amanda.


Dennis Soldner

(Note: (Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on Doc Blume, please send email to Shortround)

Submitter: Robert "Frenchy" LaFreniere, Bravo '67-'68

Date Posted: 1/15/2000 [from email to "Doc" Sawyer, 1/10/00]

Team 2B1 "Primness" August 24th, 1967. Khe Sahn, 24 Aug. '67 following extraction from a fourteen hour contact. Identify (Picture) Corpsman, third from right, background. I recall he was a former high school biology teacher. An E-5, I think. Absolutely superb Doc. Name completely escapes me. B Co. circa 67-68. The team was a hastily made-up "Sting-Ray" to re-insert an area we made contact on 20 Aug. Further ID's:

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on this unidentified corpsman, please send email to Shortround)

Submitter: Kenneth J. "Doc" Sawyer, Alpha '69

Date Posted: 1/7/2000

Re: Doc George Klein, Doc Joe Sheriff, Doc Lentz (sp?), Doc Chicken Legs, Doc Barney, Doc Stone

I remember the following corpsmen not currently on the roster, all of whom served with Alpha Co. in 1969:

(Note: Anyone have any info that might help us in piecing together a lead on any of these corpsmen please send email to Shortround)