In Memory Of Our Brother, Warrior and Friend

Tommy Teague

Echo Company 1969

Passed away 08 Nov. 2005

May He Be Blessed & God Rest His Soul


For those of us who knew Tommy, there is only one thought that comes
to mind and that is: He was "A True Brother" in every sense of the word.


Tommy lived by himself on a few acres in Western Kentucky. He was an avid hunter and also liked to fish.

As we can all relate to this, Tommy found solitude by being in the woods by himself where he could reminisce

about different times in his life especially his time spent in Vietnam. Tommy never met a stranger and was alway's

willing to offer a helping hand to anyone. His hard work and efforts put forth for 3rd Recon Bn should not go unnoticed.

Tommy ran the 2004 Reunion PX for 2 years prior to the reunion and spent 15 hours a day in the PX room every day of the reunion.

Our hats are off to you brother!!! May the Good Lord Take Care of You.

Semper Fi