A Tribute to Our Corpsmen

Pictured above left is our beloved Eagle, Globe, and Anchor...the inspiration for all Marines. On the right is the U.S. Navy Combat Corpsman insignia.
Everybody knows that the Marines are the Marines and the Navy is the Navy. Right?

Wherever there was fighting and bloodshed, there too, was a Corpsman.
Wherever there was pain and suffering to be relieved, there also, was a Corpsman.
The point in fact: >>>>>>>>>>>Wherever there was Marines, there were Corpsmen!

He is there when it seems the world is coming to an end. The automatic rifle fire, hand grenades and mortars exploding. You're gasping for air because the hole in your chest is the size of a baseball. You're trying with all your personal fortitude and training to stay calm but you know that your life is slipping. Your insides are on fire and the pain seems unsurmountable. People are screaming "Corpsman Up" from the top of their lungs. For some unknown reason to me, this is like music to his ears. He will crawl over, around and thru anything in his path to get to that wounded Marine. Not trying to make lite of this but sometimes I wonder if they don't think they're Superman. We have seen these men totally disregard their own safety, taking hits themselves and still do whatever necessary to get to our side. Their only mission at this point is to keep you alive, comfort and console you, until you can get that precious medivac back to the rear. These men joined the Navy but willingly volunteered to serve with us Marines knowing full well that they were going to experience life beyond their naval expections. The compassion they displayed for their fellow teammates is that worthy of any Marine. They might have worn a Navy insignia but they were nothing more than a damn good Marine.

Never were Shakespearean words more true than, "He who sheds his blood with me this day is my Brother".
For this reason, it is most appropriate to showcase our Corpsmen on a special page.

"You guys are the Marine's doctors; There's no better in the business than a Navy Corpsman"
Lieutenant General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, U.S.M.C

These are just a few photos of our Corpsmen. I would love to see our
members send in more pictures so we can honor these very special men.

God Bless All the Corpsmen of 3rd Recon Bn.
If anyone can add to this collection please contact Webmaster. Thank you.

Larry Turner Quang Tri 1969 again in 2003.
Doc has now served in 3 wars. Hand Salute!!!!

Lee Webber served with Delta Co 68' and was medivacted from Khe Sahn on day 63 of the seige.
Photo right: Taken Nov. 2003 on Doc's visit to Okinawa USMC Birthday.

Jerry Melton served with Delta Co 67/68.
Photo right: Reunion 2002 D.C. Banquet

Stan Sellers served with Delta Co 1968. Doc was wounded on the
Dallas Girl Patrol on Dong Ha Mtn.
Right: Taken Lackland AFB San Antonio 2002

Future (F.M.F.) Navy Corpsman, "Marine"

Meet Giovanni Cavazos, Rita's and my great grandson. Born Jan. 25, 2005, at 23:28 hrs.

Doc Richard Stallings served with Alpha Co & H&S during 68/69.

Doc currently works with the VA Medical Center in Orlando Fl.


Paul and Lorette Tobin. Doc Tobin served in Alpha Company 1968.

Ron Cassidy served with Charlie Co 1968.
Right: Taken at Green Bay Reunion 2003.

Doc Moore served a short time with Delta Co.
KIA July 18 1969.

Doc William K "Doc" Loew of Echo Co 68, on left with Nicki Smith & J.R. Davis
at the 2004 Bn Reunion in Louisville Ky.

Doc Smith served with Bravo Co. Khe Sahn 68

Doc Blume served with Charlie Co. 1969

Doc Landry

Doc Miller (Memorial Page)

Photo was sent by Jim Woodall.

This Corpsman was in Bravo Co circa 68/69.
We think his last name was Dinasevich. If anyone
can help with this name please contact Shortround.