Photos submitted by Keith Huddleston

The former Marines in the Charlie Company photo are as follows (left to right):

Back row: Rex Ritter, Len Rapuano, US Flag, Keith Huddleston, USMC colors, Barry Colassard, Company guidon, Doug Heath, Steve Matheson, Doc Bradford, Jack Brantley.

Next Row: Mr X, Mr Y, Rudy Fontane, Wayne Thompson, Tommy Abelson, Jack Frick, Fred Ostrom, Mr B.

Kneeling Row: Robert McAuley, Cliff Mooney, Doc Turner, Tom Enwright, Steve Lowery, Larry Vetter.

Sitting Row: Don Webster, Dan Ferguson, Tom Anderson, Randy Rhoads(first time in 35 years)

I solicit the help of those present to help me complete the names before we forget.

Thanks, HUD


Battalion Photo from the "Belvedere" next to the Galt House Hotel. Saturday Sept 11, 2004

Maxine Allin, Rudy Fontaine, Vicki Huddleston @ the Banquet.