"Swift, Silent, Deadly"

These articles are dedicated to the Marines and Corpsmen

Of the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division,

And to those who supported our missions.

In Memory Of Those Who Gave All.
"Especially My Fallen Teammates"

L/Cpl. Ronald R. Lowry
DOW November 26,1968

Panel 38W Line 067

Cpl. Jackie Lee Blankenship
DOW June 23,1969

Panel 22W Line 116

"Our Finest, Our Bravest Our Best

God Grant You All Eternal Rest"
By Maureen Dillane

"Recollections of Vietnam"
Table of Contents

1. Baptism - My First Mission

2. Radio City - Losing India Relay

3. Snakey - A Night Crawler

4. Unforgivable - Contact Denied

5. Gotcha - Caught in the Open

7. Bait & Wait - 6 Hours in a Hot Zone

9. Somebody - A Mission of Mercy

12. Distant Lights - A Convoy Escapes

13. Heroes All - My Last Mission